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Hooray! Christmas has already found its way to my shop! It’s never too early right?!

I am obsessed with these Christmas Advent Calendars. Obsessed. There is so much hope and truth displayed on those little cards and it fills my heart with joy knowing that this set helps families everywhere pursue the True meaning of Christmas.

About the Christmas Advent Calendar
A few years ago I realized that through all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, all the cookie making, present giving, carol singing and tree decorating that I personally was disappointed at my inability to point those activities back to Jesus… the True meaning of this wonderful holiday. I had lost sight of why we were celebrating in the first place. So I set out to create a simple way (we don’t need another thing to feel guilty over!) to celebrate Jesus and His birth throughout the days leading up to Christmas. And the Christmas Advent Calendar was born. 25 days of Scripture. All pointing to the birth and life and saving act of Jesus. Read them on your own and with your family and with your friends. These little cards provide a constant renewing of our mind when the world is at its craziest.

Along with the 25 days of Scripture, the calendar set includes 25 Activity Cards (separate cards this year!) My hope is that the activities will provide opportunities to make memories with the ones you love, be creative and silly and laugh a ton. My hope is that we would all step back from the pressure of elevating things and possessions which can so easily become the focus during the Christmas season, and instead focus on Jesus and the ones we love.

I know it may seem a bit of a stretch that a few little cards wrapped in a pretty gold bow (!) could do such a thing, but I have seen it work. Each night over dinner last Christmas season, my husband would open an envelope and read the Scripture for the day. We would talk about what the verse meant as a family. And then we would do the activity. As a family. We would have dance parties in the kitchen and make Christmas cookies and give presents to children in need and have campouts in front of the Christmas tree. We made memories. It was beautiful.

This year’s calendar has a few changes that make it even better than last year.

  1. The Activity Cards are separate this year. They will come in their own little clear box (perfect for keeping safe for years to come!) so you can choose the activity that best fits your family on that specific day. There are even 3 blank cards to fill in your own family tradition. And because they are separate, no pressure to do an activity every single day. Do what’s best for your family. (This calendar is meant to provide joy, not add to the pressure of your already crazy life. ;))
  2. 3 blank activity cards are included this year to record and do your own family traditions.
  3. The set includes 3 yards of a 1inch Christmas red grosgrain ribbon. It’s gorgeous! And perfect for hanging horizontal or vertical! I tacked mine in the wall with a gold thumbtack and it was perfect! Or hang yours on an existing nail by tying a knot in the end. There is plenty of ribbon to get creative with making the calendar not only functional but a beautiful part of your Christmas decor! The set comes with 25 mini clothespins to hang the cards and envelopes with from the ribbon.
  4. The set comes with 2 clear boxes, one to store the Scripture cards and one to store the Activity cards. These little boxes are precious and will keep your calendar safe for years to come! The set also comes with gold cord to keep the lid on secure.
  5. The 25 envelopes are a shimmery gold. Gorgeous!!

If you still aren’t convinced check out the pretty pictures below and then go get the Christmas Advent Calendar today! We sold out quick last year and I don’t want you to miss out on this beautiful opportunity! (For additional product details visit: Christmas Advent Calendar | shop.ashleeproffitt.comChristmas Advent Calendar-Vertical3 Christmas Advent Calendar | Christmas Advent Calendar | Christmas Advent Calendar | Christmas Advent Calendar | Christmas Advent Calendar |

p.s. There are a few perfectly imperfect John 1:14 gold foil prints for sale in the Christmas shop for only $10.00. Hurry, those will not last long. (They are imperfect because I goofed and put the Scripture reference as John 1:5 instead of John 1:14. They are still beautiful as ever and you may be the only who ever knows. 😉 )

John 1:14 |

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