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I am so excited to introduce you to a fresher, brighter, and  more simplified Ashlee Proffitt website. I absolutely love it. It was definitely worth the wait.

Ashlee Proffitt New Site

Remember the old site?


Let’s be honest. It wasn’t terrible. In fact, a little over a year ago when I first launched it, I was in love. However, over time, the background color and the strange shade of pink (that was no where else in my branding!) was beginning to drive me crazy. And the blue of the logo too. I really love white, and grays and creams. I always have! It is really beyond me why I chose the colors I did for my original branding. This is why even designers and artists need objective professional opinions when it comes to developing their own brand.

The new site:


New Site Features:

  • The background is now white! Hooray!
  • The accent colors are cream and gray
  • The homepage images are wider
  • The navigation bar has been simplified
  • New ‘buttons’ on the bottom of the homepage to help you get where you need to go
  • An updated logo from the amazingly talented Melissa Esplin. (I have loved her… forever.)  I will use the logos interchangeably. She also created a version of just ‘ashlee’ and a little monogram icon to use as well. I am obsessed with all the little elements and love the way my brand has grown over the past year.
  • New portraits from the lovely Shay Cochrane
  • Sweet new details on the blog that add a playful and thoughtful element that I love. It’s like welcoming you into my living room!

P.S. Katelyn Brooke is by far one of the best creatives I have ever worked with. She miraculously makes sense of all my random ideas and inspiration and creates an entire site out of it. So thankful for you Kate!

And the shop! The shop got a few updates too. It now works cohesively and seamlessly with all other elements of my brand. My favorite part of the shop update is that now customers will be able to enter their custom information (for personalizing products, etc.) prior to checking out, in a super easy to navigate way. So excited about this little feature! Friends. I am just over the moon excited about all the new products lining my little online shelves and I cannot wait to tell you about each of them.

Ashlee Proffitt Shop |

Oh friends. This has been quite the undertaking. What was going to be a teeny little collection of goods turned into crazy amounts of… well… goodness! I love all the new products (and there is still more to come!!) and they are so representative of my heart these days. I need simple truths filling my every day.

I will be doing a more detailed post on the individual products and this line as a whole later this week. For now, visit the shop and let me know what your favorite new product is by commenting on this post and you will have a chance to win that very product! (Winner will be announced Wednesday.)

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