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Ashlee Proffitt | Art Print | Psalm 46.10

I love art prints! They are probably my most favorite product to design and years ago my little shop endeavor started with the idea of these beauties. Prints that would fill a home with TRUTH! I was tired of Biblically based artwork (and later products such as iPhone cases and journals and even pencils) not being as beautiful as the truth it represented. So, I decided to do something about it. Create gorgeous artwork with meaning and purpose and real value that I would love to put in my own home. I love the prints from my latest collection and have even more designs coming soon. For now, here is one of my favorites featuring Psalm 46.10 and is a part of the Birthday Giveaway (if you haven’t entered, go do it!!!)

Ashlee Proffitt | Art Print | Psalm 46.10

Ashlee Proffitt | Art Print | Psalm 46.10

What color is your favorite? I love the gray!!!

You can view and purchase this art print here as well as all the art prints currently available in my shop here.

Photography by Shay Cochrane

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