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Master Bedroom Makeover | Ashlee Proffitt

Friends. My master bedroom needs a little help.

We moved into our home just a little over a year ago. I found the PERFECT gray and quickly painted all the bedrooms and bathrooms varying shades of that gray. After a year, I still absolutely love the color. Sometimes I just mention it to Aaron in passing, ‘Babe, I realllly love our wall color.’ I have issues. But he knew that when he married me. About a year prior to moving into our current home we sold our bedroom furniture and replaced it with the Hemnes collection from Ikea. Again, I still really love that decision. One day I want an upholstered bed similar to this but we were logical and said all the little hands in this home would absolutely destroy a bed like that in about 5 seconds. We will wait on that until the littles are no longer pouncing in our bed on Saturday mornings.

So I wouldn’t say our bedroom needs a complete makeover or even a lot of help as much as it just needs to be… put together.

Master Bedroom Makeover | Ashlee ProffittMaster Bedroom Makeover | Ashlee ProffittMaster Bedroom Makeover | Ashlee ProffittMaster Bedroom Makeover | Ashlee Proffitt

Artwork and accessories. And new bedding is in order (I have had that current blanket/quilt/comforter since college!) as is a new chair. (Obsessing over this one.) Although I think the chair pictured above is precious, it literally fell apart shortly after it was purchased. I actually took it apart myself three times and tried to reconstruct the thing but to no avail. So, if you ever happen to be in my master bedroom. Do not sit on the chair! You will end up in the floor. Seriously. It is currently just a placeholder.

As is the tiny little full length mirror.

The room just needs a few thoughtful details and it will feel like a completely new, gorgeous space. I can’t wait!

Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration | Ashlee Proffitt

Sources (all can be found on my pinterest1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration | Ashlee Proffitt

  1. White Pintuck Duvet
  2. Linen Curtains
  3. Floor Mirror
  4. Gold Lamp
  5. Metallic Pillow
  6. Studded Pillow
  7. Throw
  8. Plants
  9. Baskets + PotsStorage Basket
  10. Shelves + Brackets
  11. Wood Vases
  12. Ampersand (art DIY to come!)
  13. Side Table (turned bed bench – DIY to come!)

This will happen slowly as I save up to make some of the purchases above.  The items above is my dreaming and in reality there will be much diy’ing taking place to create the same look on far less money spent. I may blog the progress or I may just show you the end result. We shall see!

I hope this inspires you to invest the time and energy and mental power into making your home a beautiful place you love!

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