Intentional Mama: Letter D + God Gives Us Friends (Part 2)


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Alphabet Focus
  • Letter: D
  • Trace an D
  • Practice Writing Letter D | Worksheet Printable 1 | Worksheet Printable 2
  • Find the Letter D | Worksheet Printable
  • Bible Verse: Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6.31
    (Memory Verse Printable)

    • Talk About / Questions to Ask
      • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
      • Ask: How can we show love to others?
      • Ask: How do we like to be treated?
      • Ask: What are some ways we feel loved?
      • Talk About: How there may be times when we will want and need to show kindness to someone who has hurt us. How we will pray for them and show them love even if they do not show love and kindness to us.


Craft: D is for Dragon (Remember, slide these sweet little pieces of artwork into a page protector and then in a 3 ring notebook to start creating a really sweet alphabet book!) / D is for Dinosaur (This one is super cute too!)

D is for Dragon | Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt

    • Cut a D out of heavyweight paper
    • Paint D color of choice (we chose the perfect shade of dragon green.)
    • Practice shapes by cutting triangles from orange (or color of your choice paper). Glue triangles to D for dragon spikes.
    • Cut ‘flames’ out of red paper and glue to dragon’s mouth.
    • Practice shapes by cutting two circles, one large and one small, one from white paper and one from black paper. Glue to make dragon’s eye. Talk about shapes and opposites while cutting.
  • READ:
Thematic Focus: God Gives Us Friends (Friends Can Live Far Away)
    • BIBLE VERSE: Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6.31
    • BIBLE STORY: 1 Samuel 18-20 (Jonathan & David)
      • Friendship is a gift.
      • The importance of friendship.
      • Friends can live far away and close. Talk about friends who live far away.
      • What are some ways we can talk to our friends who might not live close by? (Write letters, send cards, visit, call, record a video message and send it.)
      • What are some ways we can show love to friends who we don’t see every day? (Pray for them, send them letters, call them.)
    • PRAY FOR
      • Friends (by name) to know and love Jesus.
      • Jesus to give us power to love, serve and give to our friends, even if they live far away.
    • READ
Activity 1

Write letters or make cards for a friend who lives far away or who you may not see every day. Start a pen pal relationship with this friend!!

Activity 2

Make play telephones!  Then really call a friend who you might not see every day. Even better, skype or facetime with someone you love!!

Activity 3

Draw a maze of roads and streets on a table or card board box. Use toy cars and trucks to pretend to go on a trip to visit a friend! This is super cute! And this too!

Have fun this week mamas!

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