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Alphabet Focus

E is for Elephant! Intentional Mama by Ashlee Proffitt


  • CRAFT: E is for Elephant!
      • Cut a E out of heavyweight paper
      • Paint or color E color of choice (we chose the perfect shade of elephant gray.)
      • Practice shapes by cutting a half circle for the elephant ear.
      • Paint ear pink. Talk about colors. Mix red and white to make pink!
      • Cut a ‘trunk’ (just an elongation of the middle of the E), paint or color to match the E and glue on!
      • Practice shapes by cutting two circles, one large and one small, one from white paper and one from black paper. Glue to make elephant’s eye.
Activity 1

Shell Peanuts! Take turns rolling a dice to count how many peanuts you and your little one have to shell and eat.

Activity 2

Make elephant toothpaste! A super cute science experiment.

Activity 3

Make your own Elmer the Elephant of your own! Using this technique (collaging pieces of tissue paper!) OR by coloring by number (a great way to practice numbers & colors!)

Have fun this week mamas!!

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