Branding: Laurie Louis (Part 2)


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Remember this brand reveal with its fabulously vintage and rustic feel combined with gorgeous lines and patterns? Today I am showing you Laurie Louis’ collateral as a brand is always more than just a logo. It is every.single.point of contact you have with your client or customer. We developed an extensive amount of collateral items for Laurie since she essentially has two ideal clients, her shop customers and her brides. We used the same basic color palette for both clients but changed up the accent color (green for brides, shown below and yellow for shop customers, not shown.) The collateral items were very similar for the shop customer and the bride but we chose to add higher quality touches for her brides (wide cotton ribbon and double-thick paper tags where the shop customer will receive pretty stickers and twine.)

I can’t wait to see these items once they go to print, they are going to be perfectly Laurie Louis!

Branding | Collateral Board for Laurie Louis by Ashlee Proffitt

Branding | Collateral Board for Laurie Louis by Ashlee Proffitt

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