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Memory Verse Printable for Letter G | by Ashlee Proffitt

  • Talk About / Questions to Ask
    • Ask: What does this Bible verse mean?
    • Read Matthew 28:18 together. Talk about how all power and authority has been given to Jesus and because He lives in us, we have the power to do the things (tell people about Jesus!) that he’s asking us to do in this verse.
    • Ask: What is this verse asking us to do?
    • Ask: Why would we want to do these things?
    • Ask: What does it mean to make disciples? What is a disciple? (Someone who loves Jesus, a student of Jesus)
    • Ask: What is baptism? What does baptism represent? (Romans 6:4 / Colossians 2:12 = Baptism is a way for us to tell the world we have been made new, made alive, washed clean, because of Jesus’ sacrificial death for us.)
    • Ask: What are we supposed to teach people? (‘all that I have commanded you’ = Jesus’ teaching, His Word)

G is for Giraffe | Ashlee Proffitt

Activity 1 | Long Necks

Explain that a giraffe’s neck is about 6′ long. Place a 6′ strip of masking tape on the wall and have your child build a block tower that high. (Obviously with mama’s help.)

Activity 2 | Make Your Own Giraffe

Provide yellow and brown paint and have your little paint giraffes. Use sponges cut into circular shapes as a stamp for the giraffes’ spots.

Activity 3 | Giraffe Swiss Roll

Make your own giraffe patterned swiss roll. While this looks super tricky to pull off, it does look like it would be fun to make! I say, give it a try!!

Activity 4 | Giraffes with Play Dough

Make mini giraffes with play dough using this visual template.

If you are playing along with this Intentional Mama series, use the #intentionalmama so I can see you trying these ideas, memory verses, bible application and activities at home!

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