Thanksgiving Table: Gold


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Thanksgiving Table in Gold | Curated by Ashlee Proffitt

I come from an enormous extended family so our Thanksgiving dinner has always been buffet style and the ‘adults’ sat at the table while the rest of us piled anywhere there was an open space. I loved it. And still do. I plan on eating my fill while loving on my siblings and niece and nephews and parents and cousins and aunts and uncles and my sweet granny.

If I am being honest, the table setting doesn’t really matter. What matters is family and hearts of gratitude towards a King who has provided graciously for His people.

But it sure is fun to play right?! If I were hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner I imagine this is what my pretty white table would be dressed in. I am obsessing over these sweet details!

But I’m still biased towards the chaos of a big family with paper plates buckling under the weight of home-cooked country Thanksgiving goodness.

Curated Table Sources

Charger | Flatware | Glasses | Table Runner | Dinnerware | Napkin Ring

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