5 Fun Things To Do This Christmas


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5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Christmas! by Ashlee Proffitt

It is almost my favorite time of year! The Christmas season brings pure joy to my heart and over the recent years my husband and I have made the decision to really press into what the Christmas season really means; and in doing so, we have made deliberate efforts at going agains the hustle and instead finding ways to intentionally enjoy this season with our cute little family.

Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite Christmas activities! Mamas, these require little to no effort and produce loads of fun and memories.

1. Make Paper Snowflakes

This is a fun paper snowflake tutorial from a few years back!

2. Have a Dance Party

Some of my favorite Christmas albums for dancing:

3. Make Hot Cocoa

Use a mix or if you’re feeling adventurous, the old-fashioned stove top kind is a family tradition in this house!

4. Make Christmas Cookies

Use pre-made dough & add Christmas sprinkles! I also love these cookie recipes:

5. Have a Christmas Tree Campout

Make your own teepee with sheets & blankets and fall asleep in sleeping bags under the twinkly Christmas tree lights. Best kid memory ever and you win for coolest mom ever.

For a complete 25+ Christmas Activity Idea Source as well as 25 Scripture Verse Cards for the days of Advent, purchase your Advent Calendar & Family Devotional Here.

Christmas Advent Calendar & Advent Activities with Family Guide by Ashlee Proffitt

And a little note from the Proffitt kids had to say about mama’s Advent Calendar!

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