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Weekend Recap by Ashlee Proffitt Featuring: the Breathe Mug (shop.ashleeproffitt.com)

Happy Monday!

Here’s a little glimpse into our weekend!

Ashlee Proffitt Intentional Style Shoot with Megan Michele and Laura Foote Ashlee Proffitt Intentional Style Shoot with Megan Michele and Laura Foote

1. Styled Shoot for the Intentional Style Series
  • One of my favorites to date! I can’t wait to show you the looks that Megan Michele (my stylist) created and Laura Foote captured.
  • Our styling shoot days are my favorite and are made complete with mimosas. Here is a recipe perfect for fall! Apple Cider Mimosas!
  • STYLE TIP: What’s hot this fall? Plaid, Flare Jeans, Wine (the color), Little Black Dress & Chunky Knits.
DIY Boys Bunk Bed | Ashlee ProffittDIY Boys Bunk Bed | Ashlee ProffittDIY Boys Bunk Bed | Ashlee Proffitt
2. Painting the Boys’ Bunk Bed
  • Worst DIY ever. We made every mistake possible and the entire project was just super frustrating. HOWEVER, the bed turned out AMAZING and completely transforms their little room.
  • TIP: To skip the sanding step, use Zinnser Primer. It’s oil based and will literally stick to anything.
  • Avoid Our Mistakes:
    • Cover the Carpet
    • Invest in a Sprayer (the amount of cracks and small parts made the process so much harder than it needed to be when using a brush; a sprayer would have made this project so much easier.)
Weekend Recap by Ashlee Proffitt
3. Our First Real Playdate
  • Although we have had lots of neighbor kiddos, church kiddos and nephews in our home, this weekend was our first classmate play date. I may have been more excited than Andrew…
  • TIP:
    • Order pizza for dinner
    • Play as much basketball as possible
    • Go to the park & make up crazy games like jumping off the swings while trying to catch a football mid-jump

Weekend Recap by Ashlee Proffitt  | Aaron Proffitt & Aletheia Church

4. Worship & Serve
  • Our church is currently working through 1 Corinthians (you can listen here) and yesterday Aaron Proffitt worked through 1 Corinthians 13 (the love chapter). I was so encouraged and challenged by this passage and how it points to our desperate need for Jesus because we are incapable of loving perfectly without Him.
  • AND God gave me a few specific things for my talk this coming week at Creative at Heart Fitting since my talk is titled: “Loving Your Clients Well.”

Weekend Recap by Ashlee Proffitt

5. Celebrate Your Birthday With Girlfriends
  • TIP:
    • Try a new restaurant
    • Ask silly questions like: “What should I wear to this?”
    • Ask meaningful & intentional questions like: “How is your marriage?”
    • Share some big dreams or goals

I pray your weekend was full of good things too and lots of rest. Praying for your Monday (and week) to be filled with encouragement & beautiful inspiration!



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