How To Wear Knit: Two Looks, Tips For Styling & Sources | Megan Michele & Ashlee Proffitt

I know we are all anticipating spring but while we still have a few more weeks of cooler weather, I thought we could chat sweaters today!

Let’s face it, we all love knit sweaters, primarily because they’re super cozy and beyond comfortable. But because they can easily err on the side of grandma’s hand-me-downs, here are a few looks to keep them current and intentional, yet maintain that cozy and comfortable feel we all love so much!


Don’t be afraid to mix and match unlikely pieces. Even though this knit sweater has no matching color in the plaid undershirt, they compliment each other wonderfully. Rather than trying to match your looks perfectly, challenge yourself to pair items that instead compliment and contrast with each other to create an original look.


This look perfectly modernizes a classic sweater by being paired with a little bit of leather in the pant and some gold flare in the shoe. And when opting to layer thicker knits, try pairing it with a thin blouse (as shown in this picture) so you’re still able to pull of the layered look without bulking up too much.


Megan Michele for Ashlee Proffitt