Plaid. Two Ways.
How To Wear Plaid: Two Looks & Sources | Megan Michele & Ashlee Proffitt


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How To Wear Plaid: Two Looks & Sources | Megan Michele & Ashlee Proffitt

Plaid is classic and it will remain classic. If you’re currently without any plaid in your wardrobe, you should slowly work your way towards incorporating one or two collared shirts with a great plaid print. These items are so much fun to play with and pair easily with most items!



Maybe one of my favorite looks ever! Grab yourself a color of plaid that compliments your skin tone and hair color beautifully Leave it untucked, roll up those sleeves and pair with a bootie. It’s a super effortless look and a perfect excuse to ditch those yoga pants!


The danger with plaid is that you can quickly become the cowgirl you never intended to be with regards to your outfit, especially when pairing with a riding boot. So to avoid that, we muted the look by layering an unsuspecting knit sweater in a neutral color, which toned down the look substantially.

[/right] Side Note: If you don’t know what colors compliment your skin tone and hair color the best, you should discontinue buying all things fashion until you figure that out! This article: How to Figure Out What Colors Look Best by StyleCaster may help!






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