Weekend Recap: Sick Littles + Fire Pit DIY
Weekend Recap: Tips by pastor's wife, mama, and business owner Ashlee Proffitt


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Weekend Recap: Tips by pastor's wife, mama, and business owner Ashlee Proffitt

Happy Monday!

Here is a glimpse into our weekend (and a few of my favorite tips for you too!)



  • We started the weekend here and made it our goal to do nothing but watch the National Championship tournament games and get him better. After two weeks of being sick the doctor finally diagnosed him with walking pneumonia.
  • TIP 1: Find a pediatrician you love and trust.
  • TIP 2: Try your best to shut it down too when the littles are sick. And if you are a business owner, communicate with your clients to take the pressure and expectation off yourself to work on sick days. In my opinion, communicating the realities is always better than trying to keep operating business as usual, it takes the pressure off you and builds trust with your client.
  • Question: What’s your favorite homeopathic remedy for boosting immune systems?


2. DIY FIRE PIT [Phase 1]
  • Spring Break is this week and one of our goals for our little staycation was to build a fire pit so we could roast marshmallows and make s’mores any time we wanted to! We started Phase 1 of this tiny little project this weekend. Thanks to Outdoor Impressions for helping us plan out our little backyard oasis and providing the perfect materials for the job!
  • TIP 1: If you are not really DIYers (like us!!) plan your project out in manageable phases so it doesn’t become overwhelming. (example: Phase 1 = plan, Phase 2 = purchase supplies, Phase 3 = dig out grass, Phase 4 = lay pavers) Each phase was manageable, requiring not a full weekend but just a few hours.
  • TIP 2: Plan, plan, and plan some more. This will ensure that you have proper materials and appropriate time allotted to complete the task. See my pinterest board for all of my “research” and favorite DIY tutorials for building the perfect fire pit.
  • Question: What’s your favorite DIY tip?


  • I get the extreme joy and honor of helping to lead the children’s ministry at Aletheia Church (Tampa, Florida). I get to use my gifts for creating systems and organizing and generating new ideas and loving families all at the same time. Seen here: the elementary school class teachers having a team training.
  • TIP: Find a local church. Get connected through small groups and serving opportunities. No matter where you live I promise your local church would love to have you and would love to utilize all the unique ways you are gifted!
  • Question: What ways do you serve your local church?

Have a great week friends!!

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