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Around Here | Ashlee ProffittAround here my heart is full and grateful and overjoyed at the life God gives daily.
Around here my mind and emotions are often overwhelmed and I battle daily to stay focused on Truth.
Around here my to-do list is every growing. As well as ideas and dreams and goals.
Around here I am learning to focus on what matters… not necessarily finishing that never ending to-do list or even conquering every dream that comes to mind.

1. USF Soccer! At sunset nonetheless.
2. Asher is growing by leaps and bounds. I am grateful for our new schedule and the focused time I am able to spend with him.
3. Adelee is CRAZY. Into absolutely everything. As seen here elbow deep in a jar of peanut butter. That she managed to open herself?
4. Adelee’s 1st Birthday Party was published on Sweet Little Peanut! Hooray!!
5. Sneak peeks of the new designs and products coming to the shop very soon! (Product samples will be here this week! Eeek!)
6. The beach at sunset. With family who we are blessed to call friends. Perfection.
7. More sneak peeks! I am SO excited about these new designs!!
8. In the final stages of planning our Women’s Retreat: Thrive. It is going to be epic!!
9. My oldest son was baptized! Insert: lots of prayerful thanks to our God and lots and lots and lots of tears.
10. Baptism Celebration!
11. THIS blog was featured in a magazine!! Cue confetti!! I might have squealed in delight!!! Hooray!!!!
12. Asher is LOVING preschool with Ms. Lindsey and I am attempting to my part at home. So we practiced his letters. It wasn’t so bad! đŸ™‚

I am really enjoying this season of our life. It is crazy but it is really amazing.

How are you?! Can I pray for you? Leave me a note here with the ways I can be praying for you and I will be certain to do so!

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