Ashlee Turns 30. Lessons Learned


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Ashlee Turns 30: Lessons Learned | Ashlee Proffitt

Ashlee Turns 30 | Ashlee Proffitt

I said in my last post that I feel as though I have lived a lot in my almost 30 years. I want to share with you a few of the lessons I have learned in these almost 30 years.

  1. Jesus is worth investigating. If you are searching, keep searching. He and the sacrifice He made for you is worth the time and energy spent investigating this faith. I promise. If you have specific doubts or questions I would love to hear from you. While I don’t have all the answers and will never claim to I would love to discuss the spiritual journey you are on.
  2. Time spent reading, studying and meditating the Bible is always time well spent. Hebrews 4.12
  3. Spend more time, energy, and focus investing in your relationship with your future spouse than on the wedding day.
  4. Pursue your spouse.
  5. Pursue the heart of your children.
  6. Starbucks is never a bad idea.
  7. Pursue a heart and life that is for others.
  8. Pray for your spouse, children, family, friends, neighbors and even your enemies.
  9. Pursue contentment and gratitude, not accumulating more success, fame or things.
  10. Pursue joy. Typically a byproduct of a heart that is grateful and content.
  11. Be gracious. Colossians 3:13
  12. Be a blessing.
  13. You are beautiful. Psalm 139
  14. God knows your heart. Psalm 139 Be honest with Him. He’s big enough to handle your disappointment, anger, and frustration… even if it’s at Him.
  15. You are never the only the one hurting.
  16. And this world, even your life and your hurting is not just about you. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
  17. You do have a purpose. You were designed, created and placed in a specific time and location for a specific reason. Psalm 139
  18. Keep an eternal perspective. This world is not all there is. Invest in a kingdom that won’t be destroyed by moths and rust. Matthew 6:19-21
  19. Savor special moments. Turn your mind off (and phone!) and be in the moment.
  20. You should never be too busy for a friend or a child or a spouse.
  21. A disciplined life is worth pursuing (with lots of grace for when we fail.)
  22. Get up early. Start the day in stillness and rest before chaos ensues.
  23. Love is a choice. Every day.
  24. Don’t give up. Keep working at those dreams and goals, refining them.
  25. Make sure your dreams and goals are in fact your dreams and goals. (It’s awfully hard to fight for something you never really wanted in the first place.)
  26. You cannot please everyone. Stop trying. This, however, does not negate #11 & 12 though.
  27. True love says the hard thing.
  28. Be a giver. A sacrifice made, no matter how big or small, is never in vain.
  29. Exercise. Eat healthy. You only have this one body. Treat it well.
  30. Singing and dancing and spinning in circles with your kids and your husband laughing at you is always a good idea.
  31. You are known. Psalm 139 You are loved. At your worst and darkest and most ugly, Jesus died for you. Romans 5.8

What are some lessons you have learned in your lifetime?

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