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Wardrobe Essentials: 10 Key Pieces | Intentional Style by Megan Michele and Ashlee Proffitt

Goal Be intentional and purposeful with how we build a wardrobe.

Once we completed the overhauling of Ashlee’s closet, we created a 10 Key Pieces list best suited for her lifestyle. And then, we went shopping to build up her wardrobe!

Wardrobe Essentials: 10 Key Pieces | Intentional Style by Megan Michele and Ashlee Proffitt

1. Plain White Tee

2. Ballet Flats

  • What we purchased: D’Orsay Flat
  • Why: Because these are a staple style that are flattering with most looks. Also, for Ashlee this would be an everyday shoe so it was important to invest in a quality shoe that is built for comfort.

3. Slip-on Sneaker

  • What Ashlee already had: White Converse
  • Why: Because chucks rock, are forever in style, and for whatever reason, you can always pair them with most anything!

4. An Elegant Blazer

  • What we purchased: Tailored Jacket
  • Why: Ashlee’s lifestyle doesn’t always demand an elegant blazer, so we opted instead for something a bit more casual that could easily be dressed up or down. And because this won’t be a weekly wear for her, we choose a blazer on the more inexpensive side.

5. Classic White

  • What Ashlee already had: Oxford Shirt
  • Why: Because it just always makes sense to have at least one collared shirt in your wardrobe, no matter who you are.

6. Striped Shirt

7. Black Pant

  • What we purchased: Pixie Pant
  • Why: Because a well-fitting black pant makes us feel like a million bucks! This particular pant fit Ashlee so well and with it’s structured yet relaxed fit, it could easily be styled for a casual look (chucks and a denim jacket) OR for a date night (classic pumps and blouse).

8. Classic Pumps

9. Black Dress

  • What Ashlee already had: Fit-and-Flare Dress (similar)
  • Why: Because a black dress is perfect for most occasions, it’s worth the investment.

10. Dark Denim

  • What we purchased: Essential Skinny in Dark Wash
  • Why: Because we all love denim and a dark wash is the most versatile of any wash. Good denim is always a good investment. These (and others like the J.Crew Toothpick Denim) use premium fabrics and are constructed in such a way where they always maintain their shape.


Intentional Style | Megan Michele

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